Climate ski resort

To build with nature in the world heritage of UNESCO is very important: the new reservoir of Carezza Ski is the most sustainable along this line. The project is located in a natural low ground with hard bedrock and is therefore, from the hydrogeological and morphological point of view the perfect place for a reservoir. The sea level makes it possible to fill the reservoir due to self-compression from the already existing little basin “ Tschein”. So, for the most part also the snow cannons can work autonomous by self-compression. 

Technical Data on the Carezza Ski Area
•   Slope area: 100 Hectares (roughly 247 acres)
•   Average snow thickness: 0.6 meter
•   Amount of snow generated annually: 600,000 m³
•   Necessary quantity of water: 240,000 m³
•   Snow mass: 400 kg/m³
•   Connections: 250 units
•   Snow generators: 175 units
•   Water storage capacity: 130.000 m³
•   pump performance: 400 liters per second at 80 atmospheres

Water, Air, and Nothing Else

Technical snow consists only of water and air – just like natural snow.

Starting When Is It Possible to Generate Snow?

•    Basically speaking, not only the air temperature, but also the air humidity must be taken into consideration.
•    Without going into detail, one can say: Starting at 0 °C (+32 °F) and medium air humidity, it's possible to start up the snow generators.

Water Reservoirs

•    Our storage lakes (filled during the rainy summer months) are the source of the water used to generate snow.
•    All in all, here in Carezza, we have a storage capacity of 130,000 m³ of water.

Slope Preparation

•    Every evening, 100 hectares of slopes are prepared using five snow cats.
•    The machines are operated 6 hours per night.

The Carezza Climate Resort Project

•    Potential analysis of the energy conservation measures
–    when generating / applying snow
–    when preparing the slopes
•    Utilization of solar energy
•    Innovative renewable energies
•    Solar-powered information screens

Ski map

Ski map

Here you will find trail maps and overviews of the ski resort Carezza
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